Q: What makes you different then other Interior Designers or eDesign sites?

A: Unlike other Designers, we offer additional services, such as Furniture Redesigns and Cabinet Resurfacing to help you cover every aspect of your home. In addition, we've reduced costs by allowing you to purchase directly from buyers themselves saving you from any procurement or purchasing fees. We supply you the shopping list and link it directly to the store for purchasing at your convenience .

Q: What is Interior eDesign?

eDesign is Interior Decorating done 100% online, from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world. It is a collaboration between both designer and client to ensure a speedy process. eDesign's purpose is to provide convenience and affordability with a short turnaround time to you, the client. You receive all the necessities to carry the design throughout including a floor plan, furniture, home decor, textiles, paint colors and more. The best part of eDesign is that there is no timeline. You can purchase one item or all of it, whenever you want, at any time. Designers provide you a list with purchasing information. You can use this list to shop or use it as a guide to help you with the decision making process. With the ease of eDesign, it's a no brainer for homeowners to have the design of their dreams without the designer price tag.

Q: How long will it take to receive my eDesign?

A: You will receive your e-Design Package within 2-4 weeks from receipt of all requested items (payment, questionnaire, room dimensions, and all photographs). All packages will be sent via email in PDF format. If you have a deadline earlier then this time frame, please contact us so we can do our best to accommodate your needs.

Q: When I receive my plan, how am I able to ask follow up questions or make changes?

A: Each package offers a different number of revisions and follow up questions so please see item description. Any revisions outside of the allotted number with incur an additional $50 and additional questions can use our a la carte service at $30 per question.

Q: I have an open floor plan. How do I purchase a package?

A: We strongly suggest you purchase a package per each defined space. You may also contact us at to create a custom package that works for you.

Q: One of the items on my shopping list is out of stock or not available. What do I do?

A: Because you are purchasing directly from the buyer, we are unable to monitor their supply. Some stores offer a notification if new stock becomes available so please check their site for additional information. If you are unable to locate a similar item yourself, you may request a re-select as one of your revisions or follow up questions and we'll select a new product for you.

Q: Can an eDesign Package or any other service be gifted?

A: Absolutely! If you are unable to provide the information, measurements, and images yourself please send us an email at We will create a custom card for you give as a gift including all details.

Q: I see a furniture design that I am interested in but it's not for sale. Can I custom order something similar?

A: Yes! These items are specifically listed to show you pieces we've created in the past. While they aren't available for purchase, replicating this finish can be done on a custom piece just for you! Whether we supply the furniture, or you, the options are endless. You're able to choose the paint color, style, finish, stenciling, etc to make this piece one of your dreams. Please contact us for an estimate or for additional information.

Q: What is your shipping policies?

A: We offer nationwide shipping anywhere within the United States and offer local delivery to states surrounding Connecticut. Shipping depends on height, weight and delivery location. To get an estimate from us, please contact us with the listing you're interested in along with the state and zip code for delivery. If you have a budget in mind, that would be helpful too. Please understand, these estimates are only valid for a very brief period of time so you'll need to approve of one within 24 hours.

Q: My furniture arrived and it doesn't fit. Can I return it?

A: Unfortunately we do not accept any returns, refunds, cancellations or exchanges. Each listing states specific details and dimensions for every item. Please double check the dimensions in your space before you purchase the item. Please contact us prior to purchasing if you have any questions.

Q: How do I care for my newly redesigned furniture?

A: These pieces take a full 21 days to cure completely. Please use cautiously until then.

Cleaning: To clean marks or stains, use a slightly damp cloth with a little mild soap. Harsh chemicals will strip the protective coating off. Because of this, we recommend you avoid all furniture polishes.

Daily use: Always use heat mats, place mats, and coasters to protect your painted and waxed surfaces. Keep your painted furniture away from extreme temperatures or humidity. Avoid excessive water as well.